Speedboat owner Chandu said to ‘pick up extra passengers’: RAB

The RAB said after arresting Chandu Mollah alias Chan Mia, one of the speedboats that crashed at Shibchar in Madaripur, the driver was asked to pick up extra passengers “in the hope of making more profit”.

One week ago, a speedboat crashed into the Padma while transporting passengers without complying with the ban, killing 226 people.

In a case filed in the incident, RAB arrested Chandu Mollah from a house in Keraniganj, Chandakar on Sunday morning.

“During interrogation, Chandu Mollah admitted that he had asked the speedboat driver to carry extra passengers in the hope of making extra profit,” Khandaker Al Moin, RAB’s law and media branch commander, told a news conference in the afternoon.

“Not only were they carrying extra passengers for the lockdown, they were charging double the fixed fare.”

It was said in the press conference that the fare on Shimulia-Kanthalbari route is one hundred and fifty rupees per passenger. Two hundred to three hundred rupees were collected from the passengers in the lockdown on the pretext of ‘helplessness’. Although the capacity was 20 people, the speedboat was carrying 32 people. There were no life jackets for the passengers.

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