No one understands me better than my mother

The word mother is the sweetest word in the world. Mother is the closest person.

My mother is my closest person, dearest and dearest. Every time in my life I faced a moment of push or break, my mother was by my side. Repeatedly inspired and constantly giving the right advice, direction. None of this has given me a way to survive for a thousand years.

My mother is a very hardworking person. My mother is the first person to wake up at home every morning. I have been watching this film since childhood. My mother did all the shopping, going out and doing other things, taking care of everyone in the house, meeting everyone’s needs. He seems to be busy all the time.

My mother works full time day and night so maybe the rest of the family can walk, stay and eat well. Everything in the house is orderly. We all understand how close our mother is one day when she is not at home or when she is sick. The whole house is muttering.

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