The first touch is ‘Mother’ (with video)

I talk to many people to find out what teenagers think about their mother. Maida Akter is one of them.

Asked to describe how he spent his childhood with his mother.

Maida tells Hello, “I had a sweet relationship with my mother when we were little. When I was younger, I used to go out a lot with my mother. Ammu was also a player. He also made dolls and made a variety of toys out of clay. Nowadays, in the midst of busyness, no one walks around like before. Still on vacation. “

He added, “I talk to my mother, help her with various tasks. These are small moments but very special.”

Speaking about her mother, Maida said, “My mother had a big accident when I was in class five. Then my mother had to stay in the hospital for about 15 days. When my mother was fighting to the death, she was talking to us. Have we eaten or not, how are we? In fact, this is the mother’s love. No matter how difficult it may be, they care about us. “

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