A win that has kept Arsenal’s hopes alive

Arsenal have a great win against West Bromwich Albion. Michael Arteta’s hopes of playing in European competition were dashed.

The hosts won the Premier League match 3-1 on Sunday at the Emirates Stadium.

Emil Smith and Nicolas Pep gave Arsenal a 2-0 lead in the first half. Costa Rica Perera closed the gap in the 7th minute. Willian confirmed a free-kick at the last minute of regulation time.

Arsenal, who were knocked out of the Europa League semi-finals last week, have already lost hope of being in the top four in the Premier League. However, the chances of getting a place in the Europa League from five to the following season were on paper.

Arsenal are ninth with 15 points from 35 matches and 52 points from seven draws. West Bromwich Albion has declined at this rate. The team is in 19th place with 2 points.

Manchester City is at the top with 35 points in 35 matches. Manchester United with two points from one match.

Chelsea are third with 644 points from 35 matches. Leicester City are at number four with 1 point less in the equal match.

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